Sunday, March 6, 2011


I want to write something different but all I can think about is the terrible earthquake in Christchurch. The city is recovering as best it can. Many people have stayed in their homes in spite of having no water, sewerage or power. Twelve nights and days gave passed and there are so many stories of wonderful people helping each other and communities trying to rebuild. In one area where the shops are still closed they had a large Farmers Market. One grower said he was delighted to have somewhere to sell his produce because with so many restaurants and shops closed he'd lost his normal market.

Another group of volunteers was the Farmy Army, a take on Britain's Barmy Army of Cricket supporters. The Voluntary Student Army, mobilised via internet, shovelled silt and mud that covered roads and garden leaving streets lined with metre high banks. One of the things the Farmy Army did was help remove this grey dust and sludge until the 450 contractors could take over. It's estimated that 220,000 tons of this stuff has been carted away from the suburbs to a landfill, with more to come.

Our son's street is one that is not yet cleared. Wayne thinks there may be a broken sewerage pipe nearby. Wayne and Amanda are back in their home so they can keep an eye on their neighbour's house while they have a break away from it all. They have bought a porta pottie. The Civil Defence are now distributing porta potties to affected homes.

There are 10,000 houses without electricity and at least twice that many without sewerage.

"People are being allowed into a section of the Central City which was cordoned off.
Shellshocked Christchurch residents and business owners finally returned to their broken properties in the central business district nearly two weeks since a deadly earthquake devastated their city.

The empty streets were suddenly clogged with traffic as residents rushed to check the damage to their buildings during the 6.3 magnitude quake that struck on February 22.

Police at 2pm lifted the cordon in areas of the CBD, allowing the public to retrieve any cars left behind before the quake."
copied from NZPA

We are being told that that there are about 800 buildings which need to be demolished.

About half the schools will be open tomorrow. Some schools are having to double up and share buildings.

The shaking continues with some strong enough to be alarming and cause further damage, It must be nerve wracking.

When one looks at the devastation it's amazing to see the progress toward normal life. Apparently the earthquake on Tuesday, Feb. 22nd could be the largest force experienced at ground level in the whole world. I can't find the source but I'm sure I heard that the peek force at ground level was equal to 1 G horizontally, the greatest that has even been recorded in a built up urban area. This was in an interview with Engineer, Dr. Charles Clifton

We enjoyed several beautiful sunrises last week. I'd love to put up the whole series of this morning but it might be to many at one time.


Sam&Donna Weibel said...

Margie-Anne those rays of sunlight are bringing new hope to your countrymen.We are just in shock over the damage you guys have relieved, I sure hope help is there to get things moving in a better direction. The things we take for granted everyday, fresh water, electricity and a toilet,or so needed, I hope the utilities can get them going a soon as possible. You are all in our prayers. Sam & Donna..

Judy and Emma said...

Maybe those beautiful sunrises will bring some hope to your people.