Wednesday, February 23, 2011


The first photo is a map of the quake area. Many of the aftershocks are causing damage.The second is the main route from Christchurch Cathedral to my City sons home, about 5 km
The second map shows Brighton, and Lyttleton.

10 am

Those who are able are packing up and leaving the city. I wonder how many will leave permanently. The scientists are in shock and suggest Christchurch. may never be safe again. I guess that's the extreme view and comes out of the individuals own shock and fear. This man said there needs to be a lot of money go into research of the ground structure before there is any rebuilding.

The face of the city is changed forever.

Some overseas tourists have been evacuated with nothing but what they stood up in and their blanket and pillow given to the to make last night a little more comfortable.

At this stage I believe my family will stay put and become part of the rebuilding.

There are many USAR, Urban Search and Rescue, on the ground with more coming from Japan and USA. More help is also on the way. The Australians are here.

Many people are still trapped alive.

Water and sewerage are out and power is out over a large part of the city. We still cannot reach our city son by phone. There are problems with the water supply and any are without drinking water and many SuperMarkets closed so supplies cannot be replenished. Another logistic nightmare to get enough water into the affected suburbs.

It's a shock when you here the Minister of Civil Defense say people will have to bury their waste including poos in their back yards.

Five people were rescued last night from one of the worst hit buildings. There are also several dead. Right now another person has been rescued alive as I write.

It is sounding as though the CBD between the four avenues is wrecked. What stands will have to come down.

Rescuers are working through numerous shakes.

Outer suburbs are being reached by the army. Ambulances cannot get through.

All we have are helicopter pictures of Lyttleton. The route to Lyttleton, the port, is over or under the port hills, a mountainous road which is severely damaged and as far as I can tell the tunnel remains closed.

The suburb of Brighton, is cut off from ambulances and the army are there. News outside the CBD is sketchy. I guess we need local radio to get more information. TV seems to be caught in the CBD and again are not getting much footage of other areas.

The reporters have said that if they leave they will not be allowed back through the cordon.

11 am

Just talked to my son who is on Road safety duties out near the sewerage ponds. A damaged area. He is busy so didn't chat.

I am supposed to be preparing our house for weekend guests and packing to go stay at Mum's while our daughter has a break. It's hard to leave the TV. The news is gripping and horrifying. Ths is one of our favourite cities and we know it well. I just want to cry and cry.

Must get on with my own life. Sitting here is not helping anyone. It's painful day.

Will update later today.

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Levonne said...

Margie Anne, I've been thinking about you and wondering if you were impacted by the earthquake. We're hearing about it here in California many times a day. I've been to Christchurch and loved it. It is hard to imagine the degree of damage and the disruption in people's lives. I think that since I am living in an earthquake zone, I need to be more deliberate about emergency preparedness. Water shortages and sewage issues create serious health risks. Thank you for your post. Do take care of yourself. Remember to get exercise. Take care...