Saturday, January 1, 2011


New Zealand on holiday and it was almost perfect. We do have a cool breeze but the sea is warm enough.

All these photos were taken today and I'm sorry you have to twist around to get them straight but I'm not too hot at editing and I also ran out of time. I'm sure the photographers out there will be horrified that I have published such raw talent. Some were taken zoomed up so the beach looks a little foreshortened. We are roughly in the middle of a 1 km long piece of paradise in Mercury Bay. Mercury Bay was named by Captain Cook when he stopped to take sightings of the planet Mercury, of course.

It's been an interesting New Year's Day for us. Why? You might ask. It's very quiet where we live. We are right alongside the main road. There's been no traffic for hours. There's been silence from the houses around us. I can hear drums from somewhere way in the distance. There are almost no popping and crackling of fireworks.

There were a few family parties in out vicinity last night but all the younger ones went to the Rock Concert in Whitianga and left us with SILENCE unimaginable. The young ones renting our house have been very subdued. They did go to the beach for a few hours at the peak of the day's heat. They are sleeping now and no doubt preparing for a full on day tomorrow before going home to work on Monday. I can't rmember ever such a quiet New Year's Day night.

We had a slow morning, I stayed up way too late last night so slept late today. After lunch we went to my mother's where I had a swim and we had showers. Our bus shower is unsafe so it's only sponge baths while we live in it.

The water is not quite freezing and I had a very nice swim.

The house was built in 2009 after my mother sold the farm she had lived on since my father died in 1974. My mother lives upstairs and the ground floor has 3 bedrooms, 1.5 bathrooms and a living area with modest kitchen. Perfect holiday flat for family. Our daughter, a Community Nurse, lives downstairs and is Mum's primary carer with us backing her up so she can work a minimum of 15 days a month. Mum is now 95.5 years and in reasonable health in spite of serious heart problems.

Top two photos are family and friends on the beach in front of Mum's house.

3rd down looks toward the Simpson farm where a paddock has been kept for camping. This is not a formal or registered campground and has no facilities. One or two families have been camping here for 3 generations. Fully self contained Motorhomes are allowed to park for up to 3 nights at a time but I don't think there's too much counting. The farm owners have a seriously disabled son and payment is made in the form of a donation to a Disabled Persons organisation.

4th down is the South East end across to Shakespeare Cliff. The Bay continues around the point to Buffalo Beach and Whitianga.

5th photo is of neighbours

6th shows the untidiness of a crowd at the beach and the next two are of one of my great nephews and a friend playing with inflatable chairs our daughter bought for this season. A great idea.

I couldn't resist Mum's backyard stacked up with 5 cars and a small truck. I've seen 7 cars and an 18 foot boot all jammed in.

There are cars parked everywhere, on the grass verges of the road, reserves, wherever one can find enough space and be reasonably sure it's safe from all but the worst drivers.

Th final photo is tonight's sunset at Matarangi. Nothing special but still beautiful.

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Gail Durham said...

Beautiful beach! Looks like you had a great time! It's so cold here in Maryland, but spring will be here in a few months! Love the pictures, thanks for sharing.