Thursday, July 1, 2010


A Motorized Paraglider over our house. What fun sailing through the clear blue sky

New Zealand has introduced another tax. It's called the Emissions Trading Scheme and is all about carbon credits and looking good to the rest of the world. Laughing stock is what I call it.

Global warming is a buzz word to scare us into thinking the world is going to drown, explode or disintegrate or we are all going to go the way of dinosaurs in the near future. Ozone depletion, flatulence from grass fed cows and a love affair of oil fuels are too blame. I'm sorry but that makes me want to laugh, or cry. I cannot believe that these things are as serious as some scientists would have us believe.

Global warming is part of a cyclical pattern. It might be aggravated by modern lifestyles and that makes an interesting theory and gives opportunity for doomsayers to jump on their band wagons. It's so fashionable to be a 'Greenie' these days you have to listen carefully to hear the voice of reason.

If our Government was really serious about the danger of energy from oil causing pollution we would be encouraged to use alternative energy. One of our sons has been working toward erecting a windmill to produce electricity on his farmlet for more than 12 months. Resource Consent requirements changed everytime the supplier came close to completing the red-tape issues. Now he is faced with an impossible situation. His property has been deemed to be urban. He lives 45 minutes outside the city limits, surrounded for miles around by farms on three sides and sea on the fourth side. For goodness sake! Where is the commonsense. Wouldn't it be great if the tax money was used to help design a wind turbine or inexpensive solar system that was suitable for use by every household, urban and rural. The 'alternative energy' installation could even be subsidised by the carbon tax. There's a thought.

Who decided that farting animals, the most natural thing in the world, is dangerous? I feel so frustrating by all the silliness there are times I cannot bear to follow the daily news.

We are stuck with this tax for all of time. Have you ever heard of a Government repealing a tax law. Well yes, ... window taxes were repealed by the British Government at some point in time. Hopefully the day will come when enough people see sense again and repeal this stupid tax and pigs will fly.

This week we will see petrol and diesel prices increase and that means every other item because electricity and the transport industry are not going to carry the cost on their own. Farmers will be stuck with the short straw once more. And people like ourselves, on fixed incomes, will have to delete something else from our budgets to survive.

Can you tell I'm angry.

I do appreciate the environmentally aware. I think we should all be aware, protective and willing to enhance our environment but I am so tired of idealists who don't consider people as important. We are the most important beings on this planet. We are here for a purpose and that is to care for one another and the planet to the best of our ability. That means creating a sustainable lifestyle, not crippling people, and not making it increasingly difficult for people to survive.

I come from a farming background. There is no-one more practical and aware of the environment than a good farmer or rancher. No-one understands the value of natural processes and caring for our environment more but we are now turning our lives over to scientists who live in Ivory Towers. There's a lot more to life than a spreadsheet and statistics.

I must be growing old .... but I am heartily sick and tired of lobbyists who aggressively promote their their own brand of wackiness.

I'm thankful for this place to express some of my views.

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