Sunday, June 27, 2010



I'm not a sports fan but you'd have to be deaf dumb and blind to not know that New Zealand won the FIFA World Cup. Oops! You mean they didn't win. They didn't even get into the final 16. Well what's all the craziness about. There's even been talk of a major tickertape parade when they return. The kind Auckland city put on for the America's Cup team way back when we were winners.

Forgive us. We are a tiny country, population less than 5 million people. I won't mention the sheep and cows. We know we are the greatest country in the whole wide world. The players are on their way home to whatever club will pay them the fattest fee. Tony Smith wrote in today's Sunday Star Times under the headline, 'Race on to get stars aligned for tilt in 2014.' Quote:- 'NZ Football has no time to lose to secure players in our World Cup success if it is to avoid the mistake made after the 1982 cup.'

We are proud of the All Whites, even non-fan me. They retired from the contest unbeaten having drawn with the mighty teams from Slovakia, Italy and Paraguay. Personally I think it says a lot about our goal keeper, and that's not denying the rest of the team are good. He did a brilliant job and was worth his weight in gold.

Now we're into Rugby and had a great time beating the Welsh and the Irish. The famous All Blacks are gearing up for the Big Test. The Tri-Nations series with South Africa and Australia. Both teams should challenge our boys.

I used to be a Rugby Fan I can remember following the tour by South Africa way back in the 50s when there was no TV. How excited we were as we huddled around the radio listening to Winston McCarthy, the commentator, who held us on the edge of our seats with his dramatised version of play. A few years later I found myself in New Plymouth during the year Taranaki had a strong hold on the Ranfurly Shield. This trophy remains a fiercely fought prize between provincial teams. That winter I seemed to be working at the hospital every Shield morning. I guess my supervisor had first choice of who had Saturday mornings free. This meant I missed the hoopla of the parade through Devon Street with Taranaki mascot Ferdinand the Bull. It must have been mayhem when Waikato came to town with Mooloo the Cow. The best thing about working on Shield days was the short walk from the hospital to the Rugby grounds where I cheered myself hoarse for my adopted province. It was all good fun. Those were the days!!!!

Let's face it. We New Zealanders bat way above our strength in most fields. You name it and there is a kiwi right in the middle of the foremost team be it science, sport, movie making, Indy 500, literature, medical research, bungy jumping, opera singing and so on.

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Sam&Donna Weibel said...

Margie-Anne, what beautiful pictures and landscapes your home area has, the chronology of your family was truly interesting, It shows the hard work and determination our Grandparents had to establish themselves in a new life.I always look forward to hearing from you keep up the great blogging, you really are good at it. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna.